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The Reporter’s Notebook: First Semester Down in J-School

By Zameena Mejia It’s been six months since I wrote about choosing to go to grad school. Last month, I completed the first of three semesters at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism—I’m now cheering on the winding path to the top of the mountain (a figurative one of course, though I’ll actually be walking […]

Beyond the Comments Section: A Lesson on Taking a Story into Your Own Hands

By Zameena Mejia How would you feel if you found out you were fired from your job through a Facebook post? I spoke to one person who recently faced this from her summer job before law school and what followed raised a lot of questions. For a few days, the tiny movie theater from my […]

Grad School and the Grand Scheme of Life

By Zameena Mejia “I’m so done with doing homework, going to classes and paying attention to professors. I’m ready to get out of here,” sighed a friend of mine over lunch at our dining hall a couple of weeks before graduation. For her and many of my friends, the close of our college era meant […]

The Power of the Mentor

By Zameena Mejia A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times Sunday Review section featured a piece titled, “What’s the Point of a Professor?”. The article generalizes college graduates as overly busy, distracted, and disconnected from academia, portraying us as too disinterested to create lasting relationships with our professors. The message was rather condescending […]