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Cubicle Captivity: Working in an Office as a Free-Spirit

By Carly Rome When I was 16, I worked part-time in an insurance office. I found it mundane and isolating, but I stayed there because it paid more than my previous cashier job. This was when I learned that I didn’t like offices, and figured I’d go to college for something that would allow me […]

Metamorphosis: Transforming from an Intern to an Entry Level Employee

By Maria Pianelli, originally posted on the LaunchSquad blog I was a bit of an overachiever in college. I entered with half a year’s credits under my belt, took no less than 18 credits a semester and juggled simultaneous marketing and journalism internships. The fear of an empty résumé encouraged me to shoot for the […]

Suburban Security: On Pushing Off My Inevitable Move to NYC

By Carly Rome For as long as I can remember, I’ve been one of those kids who is in a rush to grow up. By 7th grade, I was going to the mall with friends to buy eyeliner and push up bras. In 8th grade, I started regularly going to local punk shows with crowds […]

Technically I’m a Freelancer

By Joe Calabrese Monday: I wake up at 10:27 a.m., brush my teeth, hop online, and write some melodramatic sports nonsense – lather, rinse, repeat until dinner. Tuesday: I wake up at 9:12 a.m., watch my crappy laptop delay its initial start-up for an extra five minutes – you know the shelf-life of your laptop […]