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The Post-College Backpacking of Europe: Reasons to Go and How to Plan

By Eirinn Norrie I went all in: one month, all my savings, Europe. Granted I didn’t have that much in my bank account as I do like to spend my money on travel, but it was still scary (and thrilling) to know that I would be coming back home after a month of excitement to […]

I Was Going Home, Now I’m Going To Beirut: How To Figure Out Where You’re Going

By Tom O’Connor I never planned on going to grad school. As a student of journalism, I’ve always maintained that experience is worth a lot more than academics. After 18 years straight of sitting in classrooms and working day-to-day without pay, it’s amazing how anyone could choose to prolong their educational internment. So why then […]

Why Studying Abroad in Prague Ruined College

By Eirinn Norrie During my junior year, I made the best decision of my life: studying abroad for a semester in the most beautiful city in Europe. I went on a whim looking for adventure, but I found much more than that. Prague’s cobblestone streets quickly wiggled their way into my heart and became my […]

Trading Metropolises

By Mike Provenzano A little less than a year ago, I decided that I was due for a change. In many ways, becoming an adult and graduating college was shrinking my comfort zone; I thought the best way to deal with that was to leave that comfort zone all together. As a result, I accepted […]