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Real Talk: I Spent a Semester in Copenhagen

By Shannon Manley, originally posted on the LaunchSquad Tumblr As most of us are adjusting to life after Labor Day weekend, realizing short days and cold winter nights are fast approaching, I am flying home from Miami after a much needed reunion. With who you ask? My Copenhagen friends of course — some of my […]

Real Talk: I’m an Aspiring Musician

By Danielle Roberts It’s easy to look at me and think I have it all figured out. People see me and they see a person who is driven, motivated, passionate. They see a person who goes out there, who does what she loves and is genuinely happy. But they don’t always know what’s going on […]

Real Talk: I Interned at the Woodstock Film Festival

By Alexa Gold Most people recognize or even remember the Woodstock Music Festival of 1969. For me, the days of peace, love and ‘music’ lived on at the Woodstock Film Festival of 2014. When working in the office as a press intern, I organized the distribution of film access tickets to writers from widely known […]

Real Talk: My Summer Abroad as an Au Pair

By Lauren Leavens “Travel while you’re young.” It’s a cliché that many of us have been told. “Don’t waste these years while you have little responsibilities!” It’s the kind of thing people say that makes a millennial resentful of lack of job prospects, student loan debt, and other “little” responsibilities. Many of us would love […]