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Fighting That Job Fatigue

By Rachel Wong It happened without warning. I woke up one day and stared at my ceiling for a few minutes, not wanting to move. How did it happen? It just seemed like yesterday that I would jump out of bed, excited for what a new day at work would bring.  Without realizing it, I […]

How Freelancing Helped Me in “The Real World”

By Rachel Wong  Most entry level jobs are connoted with menial tasks, small things that higher-ups give to them because they are unsure of the newbies and their skills. In big companies, it is also hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd of other fellow entry level workers and rise in the ranks. […]

Stop Asking Me to Work for Free!

By Rachel Wong  “So, do you have any questions?” I had mhmed and uh-huhed through most of the latter part of the phone call. The man on the other line was looking for someone to maintain his company’s social media content. The main query I had was usually the most awkward for me to ask: […]

Dating a Career: Tips on Searching for the One

By Rachel Wong  “It’s not you – it’s me.” “You’re just not the right fit for what I need right now.” “Sorry, but I have to swipe left.” There’s an increasing amount of ways to say “no” in our culture. And articles and media project that the number of available jobs are increasing, so why […]