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Hello, My Name is Awkward: Navigating Networking

By Maria Pianelli I’m going to be straight with you. The only thing that gives me more anxiety than networking events is ordering lunch for my coworkers. Give me a PR plan to write, tell me I need to staff a few interviews, drown me in hours worth of writing, fine. I can do all […]

Op-Ed: Dear Brands, Stop Trying To Be Millennial. Love, A Millennial.

By Maria Pianelli, originally posted on the LaunchSquad blog There are certain moments that stick with you. The surreal: Where were you during the moon landing? The tragic: Where were you when Zayn left One Direction? The controversial: Where were you during #DeflateGate? And then there’s the plain absurd. Where were you when emoji marketing became […]

The Art of Being Selfish

By Maria Pianelli You do you. I’m all too familiar with those three little words. The words that greet you at the end of a relationship. “He’s an ass anyway. You do you.” The words that console you during the resulting dry spell. “You do you for awhile. The right guy will come along.” Mom’s […]

You Are Not Your Major: Transferring Skill Sets

By Maria Pianelli, originally posted on the LaunchSquad blog I always knew I wanted to be a writer. My earliest memories are centered in the living room, dangling off the couch and listening to my mother read an assorted mix of fairy tales and fables. By the time I was five, I was already assembling “books” […]