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Goodbye, Long Island: When Your Parents Sell Your Childhood Home

By Victoria Morrell  “We have a surprise for you!” My mother squeaked into the phone, her heavy New York accent dripping with excitement. For weeks, I had been persuading my parents to come visit me in California; I hadn’t seen them in nearly a year and I was hoping they could spend Thanksgiving in L.A.. […]

Homecoming: Facing Your Past While Embarking on Your Future

By Maria Pianelli Is it just me, or is Mercury in a permanent state of retrograde? When I graduated high school and watched my peers move into dorms across the country, disgustingly overconfident about their futures, I thought to myself — this is it, I’ll never see these people again. It seemed permanent enough. This […]

The Art of Being Selfish

By Maria Pianelli You do you. I’m all too familiar with those three little words. The words that greet you at the end of a relationship. “He’s an ass anyway. You do you.” The words that console you during the resulting dry spell. “You do you for awhile. The right guy will come along.” Mom’s […]

Let’s Talk About Death, Baby

By Tom Scarcella August 17th is a date I won’t soon forget. Besides the (wholly unrelated) fact that my first girlfriend’s AIM screen name marked her birthday with “81793,” it was also the date that began the most transformative and grueling experience of my college career. It wasn’t an internship, or a relationship, or any […]