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The Post-College Backpacking of Europe: Reasons to Go and How to Plan

By Eirinn Norrie I went all in: one month, all my savings, Europe. Granted I didn’t have that much in my bank account as I do like to spend my money on travel, but it was still scary (and thrilling) to know that I would be coming back home after a month of excitement to […]

Listen Up! The DOs and DON’Ts of Sharing Stories from Abroad

By Jessica Perry “This one time at band camp…” Now replace “band camp” with abroad experience. “This one time in Europe…” You know you’ve heard it too many times. And if you’ve studied elsewhere, chances are you’ve fallen prey to the abroad-stories bug. This can either work to your advantage, or not so much. I […]

A Semester Across The Pond: My Time in London

By Gabrielle Cobb On the night I left to study abroad in London, my dad was still under the impression that the school was picking me up from the airport. Meanwhile, I clutched the plan I made up in my phone of bus routes and taxi phone numbers to get me to the home I’d […]

Why Studying Abroad in Prague Ruined College

By Eirinn Norrie During my junior year, I made the best decision of my life: studying abroad for a semester in the most beautiful city in Europe. I went on a whim looking for adventure, but I found much more than that. Prague’s cobblestone streets quickly wiggled their way into my heart and became my […]