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Anecdotes from Greater China

By Mike Provenzano I won’t say that going to China and Taiwan is like visiting a different planet, because it’s just not true. Sure, there are many differences in culture, lifestyle, and environment, but there are also many similarities. For instance, I went to a jazz club in Shanghai that reminded me of the Blue […]

I Was Going Home, Now I’m Going To Beirut: How To Figure Out Where You’re Going

By Tom O’Connor I never planned on going to grad school. As a student of journalism, I’ve always maintained that experience is worth a lot more than academics. After 18 years straight of sitting in classrooms and working day-to-day without pay, it’s amazing how anyone could choose to prolong their educational internment. So why then […]

Life in Jordan: Making Friends in Strange Places

By Tom O’Connor In my experience, the key to living a fulfilling life abroad is making meaningful connections. As I mentioned in my last article, I studied abroad at Princess Sumaya University for Technology in Amman last spring. I am a student of journalism, but I’ve focused on learning Arabic since coming to American University. […]

A Semester Across The Pond: My Time in London

By Gabrielle Cobb On the night I left to study abroad in London, my dad was still under the impression that the school was picking me up from the airport. Meanwhile, I clutched the plan I made up in my phone of bus routes and taxi phone numbers to get me to the home I’d […]