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Hello, My Name is Awkward: Navigating Networking

By Maria Pianelli I’m going to be straight with you. The only thing that gives me more anxiety than networking events is ordering lunch for my coworkers. Give me a PR plan to write, tell me I need to staff a few interviews, drown me in hours worth of writing, fine. I can do all […]

When Did “Above Average” Become “Not Good Enough”?

By Eirinn Norrie As a recent college graduate, I’ve been feeling the pressure that comes with having a good resume and good grades. Navigating the job market and scrambling to get a job has been brutal. After several rejections, I kept thinking, “could I have done more in school? If I had taken on another […]

SEEKING LEGITIMACY: How to Find the Perfect Job in a Sea of Spam

By Alexa Gold Several months ago, I started my job hunt. I knew I was receiving my Bachelor’s degree in May and was not on a graduate school track. I didn’t want to spend all of my days watching my bank account slowly dwindle down to zero. I yearned for a post-grad job and I […]

Jargon is a Grad’s Best Friend: Need to Know Phrases for New Employees

By Maria Pianelli When you start a new job, you don’t have to move to China to have a foreign language forced upon you. The workforce, especially in the marketing world, is ripe with strange, somewhat clunky phrases, looking to be adopted and spewed to the next generation. At first, these doozies seem to color […]