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Money Matters (More Than You Think)

By Tom Scarcella “Wake up, you need to make money!” For many of us, post-college life means coming to terms with the financial burdens of adulthood, whether it’s little by little or diving right out of the nest. While stressing out about these new challenges is a near-universal feeling for young adults, the specifics of […]

Stop Asking Me to Work for Free!

By Rachel Wong  “So, do you have any questions?” I had mhmed and uh-huhed through most of the latter part of the phone call. The man on the other line was looking for someone to maintain his company’s social media content. The main query I had was usually the most awkward for me to ask: […]

4 Steps to Confront the Gender Wage Gap as a Young Professional

By Nicole E. Spears Seniority is a longstanding criterion in the workplace. If you stack the hours that the men logged for all those years that women were content at home in the kitchen, then the gender wage gap begins to make sense. Still don’t see it that way? Then let’s compare notes on the […]