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Goodbye, Long Island: When Your Parents Sell Your Childhood Home

By Victoria Morrell  “We have a surprise for you!” My mother squeaked into the phone, her heavy New York accent dripping with excitement. For weeks, I had been persuading my parents to come visit me in California; I hadn’t seen them in nearly a year and I was hoping they could spend Thanksgiving in L.A.. […]

Taking Flight from the Nest at Twenty-Two

By Sharon Hillman Ever since my junior year of college I knew that I wanted to wind up in New York City. There’s something so infatuating about living in such an electrifying, bustling hub of culture and opportunities. No wonder it’s considered the quintessential “American Dream.” I knew that getting there would not be a […]

I Was Going Home, Now I’m Going To Beirut: How To Figure Out Where You’re Going

By Tom O’Connor I never planned on going to grad school. As a student of journalism, I’ve always maintained that experience is worth a lot more than academics. After 18 years straight of sitting in classrooms and working day-to-day without pay, it’s amazing how anyone could choose to prolong their educational internment. So why then […]

Second Time’s the Charm: Why I Decided to Repeat the Disney College Program

By Melanie Kaplan I’m going to Disney World…again! Working at Walt Disney World is a once in a lifetime opportunity. After completing the Disney College Program in 2014, I was able to cross that off my bucket list. The Disney College Program was a lifetime dream of mine and since it ended, I have been […]