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How to Take Your Personal Brand from Zero to 100, Real Quick

By Nicole E. Spears Chances are, you didn’t have to walk uphill both ways to school as a kid. Congrats, millennial! In your day and age, building a personal brand has become the new necessary evil. Whether you love the spotlight or can’t stand talking about ~feelings~, the era of self-marketing is in full-swing. It’s […]

How to Effectively Jumpstart Your Career (Without a Clear Sense of Direction)

By Sharon Hillman May is just around the corner — and for many college students this means graduation and the inevitable transition to the “Real World” are rapidly approaching. For the lucky few who have known that they’ve wanted to be a brain surgeon or a software engineer since the sixth grade, this major rite-of-passage […]

I Do? – Deciding Whether or Not to Marry Your Career

By Audrey Rome  It was love at first sight. You found everything you ever dreamed of and more. You found the open door that will support your future, hopes, and dreams. Suddenly, you are a few months or years into this relationship and you’re starting to second guess yourself. Maybe this wasn’t the picturesque life you […]