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7 Killer Networking Tips for Dummies

By Abigail Jaffe So you landed your dream job. You’re doing work you love, surrounded by awesome coworkers, and even getting paid for it all. You remember all that great networking you did in college to help you get to the place you’re at today, but since you’re now *employed*, you’re thinking you can slack […]

How to Drink With Your Boss

By Maria Pianelli Picture this: a beautiful summer afternoon, high of 85, skirts and sundresses all around. The sun sits high overhead and everything is in technicolor, vibrant shades of red, green and blue. Perhaps even more colorful are the spirits of your coworkers, frolicking about the beer garden luncheon management graciously arranged. Glasses clink, […]

Cubicle Captivity: Working in an Office as a Free-Spirit

By Carly Rome When I was 16, I worked part-time in an insurance office. I found it mundane and isolating, but I stayed there because it paid more than my previous cashier job. This was when I learned that I didn’t like offices, and figured I’d go to college for something that would allow me […]

Keeping Up With The Joneses: How PR Is Portrayed In The Media

By Maria Pianelli, originally posted on the LaunchSquad blog I have a confession to make: a few weeks ago, I stayed up until 3:30 on a Sunday night watching Bridget Jones’ Diary. Even bigger confession: because Bridget Jones made her debut in ‘01, when I was seven, I had yet to make her acquaintance. Maybe […]