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An Ode to New Paltz, 5 Years Later

By Maria Pianelli I started college five years ago this week. Five internships, two jobs, a degree and a mountain tattoo later, what a strange, beautiful trip it’s been. I began a city girl, embedded within the East Coast and never seeing more than what was in front of me. A dreamer, shy, head in […]

Impostor Syndrome: 22 In the Music Industry

By Manny Yupa Approximately one year ago, I was trying to juggle schoolwork with a mindless part-time job and an internship. Yet as long as I did my work and showed up wherever required, I could coast through anything. Despite my need for a job, I could probably survive on financial aid and parental assistance. […]

In Defense of the Pocket Notebook

By Tom Scarcella Pocket notebooks seem to be going the way of the CD — they’re not totally outdated, but they’re becoming quite a rarity in the digital age. We all have them, but how often do we really use them? Nowadays, when we want to jot something down, we go straight for our phones […]

Stop Asking Me to Work for Free!

By Rachel Wong  “So, do you have any questions?” I had mhmed and uh-huhed through most of the latter part of the phone call. The man on the other line was looking for someone to maintain his company’s social media content. The main query I had was usually the most awkward for me to ask: […]