Monthly Archives: November 2015

Homecoming: Facing Your Past While Embarking on Your Future

By Maria Pianelli Is it just me, or is Mercury in a permanent state of retrograde? When I graduated high school and watched my peers move into dorms across the country, disgustingly overconfident about their futures, I thought to myself — this is it, I’ll never see these people again. It seemed permanent enough. This […]

Op-Ed: Dear Brands, Stop Trying To Be Millennial. Love, A Millennial.

By Maria Pianelli, originally posted on the LaunchSquad blog There are certain moments that stick with you. The surreal: Where were you during the moon landing? The tragic: Where were you when Zayn left One Direction? The controversial: Where were you during #DeflateGate? And then there’s the plain absurd. Where were you when emoji marketing became […]

When Did “Above Average” Become “Not Good Enough”?

By Eirinn Norrie As a recent college graduate, I’ve been feeling the pressure that comes with having a good resume and good grades. Navigating the job market and scrambling to get a job has been brutal. After several rejections, I kept thinking, “could I have done more in school? If I had taken on another […]