A Year Inbetween – A Letter from the Editor

 penIt started with a question – What the hell am I doing?

Actually, it started with a lot of questions, each as important as the next:

  • What’s it like to drink with coworkers?
  • Office friendships: how close is too close?
  • What to do when your manager adds you on Facebook?
  • What in God’s name happens on business trips?

As I left college and joined the working world, I pondered these gaps in my knowledge, wondering if I was the only one with such anxieties. I turned to Facebook to find out, gauging interest in a blog that worked to quiet these concerns by sharing post-grad experiences.

The response was overwhelming and on October 7, 2014, the Inbetween was born.

Fast forward a year — the Inbetween has published nearly 100 unique blogs, showcasing the talents of eight staff writers and over 25 guest bloggers. We are not paid, we are not under contract, but we are passionate. We’ve covered everything from networking to mentoring, from blasting Spotify at your desk to traveling the globe. We’ve talked about death, transferred offices, hung out with Mickey Mouse and landed major internships with no prior experience.

Post by post, we’ve taken the world by storm and the journey’s just beginning. Experience is the greatest teacher and as we advance in our careers and unearth our passions, our voices will only grow stronger. Have you learned something in the days, weeks, months since graduation? Have you fallen in love with another country or figured out how to stay sane at a desk job? Let us know. Do you have a knack for illustration? Can you help bring our posts to life with drawings, cartoons, special designs? Drop us a line. I’m excited to watch this DIY family of ours continue to grow.

I can’t express how much this blog, this community means to me and how grateful I am to be part of something bigger than myself. Thank you for writing, thank you for reading.

Keep shining,


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