Monthly Archives: October 2015

Anecdotes from Greater China

By Mike Provenzano I won’t say that going to China and Taiwan is like visiting a different planet, because it’s just not true. Sure, there are many differences in culture, lifestyle, and environment, but there are also many similarities. For instance, I went to a jazz club in Shanghai that reminded me of the Blue […]

A Year Inbetween – A Letter from the Editor

 It started with a question – What the hell am I doing? Actually, it started with a lot of questions, each as important as the next: What’s it like to drink with coworkers? Office friendships: how close is too close? What to do when your manager adds you on Facebook? What in God’s name happens […]

Fit In By Standing Out

By Carly Rome When starting a new job, many young professionals seek advice on how to assimilate to a company’s culture, or to office life in general. We often start out by aiming to please, devoting our entire selves to meeting expectations and fitting seamlessly into the philosophies and ways of doing things that our bosses […]

How Freelancing Helped Me in “The Real World”

By Rachel Wong  Most entry level jobs are connoted with menial tasks, small things that higher-ups give to them because they are unsure of the newbies and their skills. In big companies, it is also hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd of other fellow entry level workers and rise in the ranks. […]