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Taking Care Of You: Addressing Mental Health, Post-College

By Jessica Perry Imagine you’re younger than 14 and something strange is going on in your head. You don’t know if anyone else experiences it too. Chances are you won’t seek help for another decade, according to research from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Mental health issues develop early: about half of all […]

Grad School and the Grand Scheme of Life

By Zameena Mejia “I’m so done with doing homework, going to classes and paying attention to professors. I’m ready to get out of here,” sighed a friend of mine over lunch at our dining hall a couple of weeks before graduation. For her and many of my friends, the close of our college era meant […]

Peers for Development: A New Avenue for Peer Advisement

By Joe Pisicolo  Not many would disagree that the concept of peer advising can provide unique benefits and effective results for students.  Like getting advice from a sibling or a friend, having someone similar in age and experience to use as a soundboard for your thoughts and concerns can be extremely useful.  A supplement to […]

Taking Flight from the Nest at Twenty-Two

By Sharon Hillman Ever since my junior year of college I knew that I wanted to wind up in New York City. There’s something so infatuating about living in such an electrifying, bustling hub of culture and opportunities. No wonder it’s considered the quintessential “American Dream.” I knew that getting there would not be a […]