Monthly Archives: April 2015

How to Effectively Jumpstart Your Career (Without a Clear Sense of Direction)

By Sharon Hillman May is just around the corner — and for many college students this means graduation and the inevitable transition to the “Real World” are rapidly approaching. For the lucky few who have known that they’ve wanted to be a brain surgeon or a software engineer since the sixth grade, this major rite-of-passage […]

Dating a Career: Tips on Searching for the One

By Rachel Wong  “It’s not you – it’s me.” “You’re just not the right fit for what I need right now.” “Sorry, but I have to swipe left.” There’s an increasing amount of ways to say “no” in our culture. And articles and media project that the number of available jobs are increasing, so why […]

Self: A Graduation Reflection

By Alexa Gold Dear 18-Year-Old Self, You will smile as your parents drive away at the initial start of freshman year. College will be a time for freedom and growth; a journey all your own. However, as the years pass, you will slowly want to crawl back to the shinier days when your parents weren’t […]

Second Time’s the Charm: Why I Decided to Repeat the Disney College Program

By Melanie Kaplan I’m going to Disney World…again! Working at Walt Disney World is a once in a lifetime opportunity. After completing the Disney College Program in 2014, I was able to cross that off my bucket list. The Disney College Program was a lifetime dream of mine and since it ended, I have been […]