Monthly Archives: February 2015

Life in Jordan: Making Friends in Strange Places

By Tom O’Connor In my experience, the key to living a fulfilling life abroad is making meaningful connections. As I mentioned in my last article, I studied abroad at Princess Sumaya University for Technology in Amman last spring. I am a student of journalism, but I’ve focused on learning Arabic since coming to American University. […]

Ethical Shopping on a Budget

By Rachel Wong  A woman with perfectly manicured nails cries in a Cambodian sweatshop, lamenting, “I can’t take it anymore!” Featured on the reality show “Sweatshop,” she is part of a group of fashion bloggers sent to overseas to live and work where many of their clothes are made. Even while watching the promo of […]

Pressing for Justice: A Press Intern’s Take on NYC’s Gov

By Zameena Mejia Before 2014, I don’t think I had ever set foot around City Hall (or knew where to point it out on a map). Politics were never “my thing” and I avoided any political journalism assignments at my college newspaper like the plague. Despite catching on to bits and pieces of political facts […]

A Semester Across The Pond: My Time in London

By Gabrielle Cobb On the night I left to study abroad in London, my dad was still under the impression that the school was picking me up from the airport. Meanwhile, I clutched the plan I made up in my phone of bus routes and taxi phone numbers to get me to the home I’d […]