Monthly Archives: January 2015

I Do? – Deciding Whether or Not to Marry Your Career

By Audrey Rome  It was love at first sight. You found everything you ever dreamed of and more. You found the open door that will support your future, hopes, and dreams. Suddenly, you are a few months or years into this relationship and you’re starting to second guess yourself. Maybe this wasn’t the picturesque life you […]

Take It or Leave It: How to Adapt to Differing Managerial Styles

By Joe Pisicolo  Whether conscious or not, managers employ individual and unique styles in their supervising of their direct reports. As an intern, entry-level employee or even a company VP, you will in almost all cases be reporting to a manager above you. Because your direct manager is often the one most responsible for your […]

Real Talk: I Interned at the Woodstock Film Festival

By Alexa Gold Most people recognize or even remember the Woodstock Music Festival of 1969. For me, the days of peace, love and ‘music’ lived on at the Woodstock Film Festival of 2014. When working in the office as a press intern, I organized the distribution of film access tickets to writers from widely known […]

Trading Metropolises

By Mike Provenzano A little less than a year ago, I decided that I was due for a change. In many ways, becoming an adult and graduating college was shrinking my comfort zone; I thought the best way to deal with that was to leave that comfort zone all together. As a result, I accepted […]