Monthly Archives: December 2014

Here’s How to Answer Awkward Questions About Your Post-Grad Life

By April Castillo As of December 18, I’m a college graduate. The reality of finishing classes has not set in yet — right now, I’m just catching up on the basics. I felt like I had barely returned home before people were asking about my next step. I know people mean well when they say, […]

Never Give Up Hope: My Summer at the 9/11 Memorial

By Nicholas Zanata For a long time, 9/11 was just an event to me. It’s true that I grew up right outside of Manhattan, and I directly experienced the aftermath of the attack in a number of ways that other citizens could never hope to understand, but still, as young as I was when it happened, 9/11 […]

Making Music vs. Owning A Fridge

By Manny Yupa I want to work in music. Preferably making it, though we all know that there’s no money in the industry unless you’re Taylor Swift, Dave Grohl, or the copyright holder of the Beatles discography. I could talk about music for hours and spend even longer creating it, but I also want a […]

Being the Youngest in the Room

By Rachel Wong A few weeks ago, before class, my memoir workshop somehow got onto the topic of age. The woman sitting next to me was teasing our classmate. “You’re so young! Still a baby. You must be the youngest in the class.” “Uh,” I shifted in my seat, “I’m actually younger than that.” The […]