Monthly Archives: November 2014

Surviving Workplace Embarrassment

By Joe Pisicolo Young adults entering the workplace are usually a year or two removed from the emotional voyage of adolescence, but the start of a career elicits a whole new psychological journey. The world of work yields changes that you may not have experienced before, and your ability to manage your emotions when things […]

Real Talk: I’m a Touring Musician and a Full-Time Student

By Chris Taranto After being asked, I waited a week before I began writing this post, partially because I’m lazy and like sleeping late on my days off, but also because I wasn’t sure how to go about writing this topic. My name is Chris Taranto. I’m an undergraduate student in my final year at […]

On Being Alone

By Mike Provenzano Like most people ages 18 to 28, you will likely go through your quarter-life crisis, aka the twenty-something blues. This is nothing new. Before the quarter-life crisis, you have your preteen and teenage angst and after, you’ll endure the “oh-no-I’m-almost-30” panic, “I’m-30-now-how-did-I-get-so-old” syndrome, the “good-god-I’m-turning-40” breakdown, your mid-life crisis, and so on. […]

That F*cking Air Conditioner

By Maria Pianelli There’s a war at my office. And it’s not a war of words or a schism with clients. Rather, there’s a constant shift between unsettling iciness and raging hellfire. Because of all things in the PR world, who knew room temperature was what folks were most passionate about. Shortly after I started, […]