Monthly Archives: October 2014

Networking for Newbs: How “Hello” Can Transform Your Career

By Zameena Mejia Upon entering college, a new word gradually made its way into my day-to-day vocabulary: networking. I would like to think I’ve been networking since I was a young girl in grade school, a time when every report card of mine read something along the lines of, “She’s a very bright and talented […]

Commuting: The Road to Hell

By Maria Pianelli I live in Staten Island, which, in theory, is the ultimate happy medium: in the shadow of Manhattan, a half hour (or less) from Jersey, a mere hour-35 drive to the mid-Hudson Valley, perfect for weekend rendezvouses. The reality? By way of public transportation (train-ferry-express train-local train), it takes me an hour […]

Embracing Human Capital-ism

By Joe Pisicolo The fact is in today’s society, if you are updating your resume only at the immediate prospect of a new opportunity – you are going about it the wrong way. This isn’t to say that the amount of times you update an organized collection of work experiences written on a paper is […]

Real Talk: I’m a Professional Music Photographer

By Gabriela Jeronimo From taking disposable cameras on school trips to actually owning a Canon DSLR, I’ve always had a camera in hand, but it wasn’t until I took my first point and shoot camera to a show that I knew I wanted to focus on music photography. So much energy and emotion is evoked […]